The Expectations of cadets

Police Officers and staff are expected to have much higher personal standards than the average person. This is no different for you as a cadet, you are representing the Police Service

As a cadet we expect you to behave in a responsible way. We really want to hear good comments about you from other people. It is our intention to create a group of young people which Dacorum can be really proud. We are not merely a youth club in uniform.

We will expect you to show yourself as being reliable, punctual, honest, polite, smart, keen, approachable and most of all, a team player. Police and support staff are working to make our communities safer and better places. As a volunteer Cadet it should be your aim to do the same. You can positively influence your friend’s opinions about what you are doing with us and represent young people’s views at Community meetings which we hope you will choose to attend.

We expect you to take an active part in everything we do. Quite often you will take part in activities that take you out of your comfort zone. We ask that you make a concerted effort to take part in all the activities to gian that experience. As a cadet you will be part of a unique team and if at any time you feel you need to question why you are doing what you are doing then we ask that you consider whether the cadets is right for you.

You will get accreditation and training for what you are doing, with support from your Cadet instructors. We do expect you to volunteer on a fairly regular basis out of Cadet training hours and join in socialy. Therefore there is a level of commitment beyond the Thursday evening. You need to be honest with yourself to make sure you are prepared for this level of commitment.

We will speak with you individually on a regular basis to ensure you are achieving your own goals and the expectations of the group. We will support you fully through out but it will, without doubt, require your commitment.

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