Q; I am 13 years old can I apply to join the Cadets?

A: No. You can let us know you are interested and we will place your details on a waiting list. We will send you an application form when a vacancy arises and try to keep you informed of any progress. If others fail to take up the offer of a place you will placed further up the list and may be contacted at short notice to attend an evenings session.

Q; Can i just come along and join?

A; No, all Cadets have to go through an application process before they can come to the meetings this involves a written application and assessment evening.

Q; Why do you have to live or go to school in Dacorum?

A;  We feel it is important for the local young people to get involved in their Local communities and therefore feltit was reasonable to align the Cadets groups to current Policing areas such as Dacorum/Watford/Three Rivers. Hertfordshire is gradually increasing the number of Cadet corps it has and aims to have one in all of the ten Areas.

Q; Do i have to pay for the uniform?

A; No, we will supply you with a uniform without charge. The uniform will remain the property of the DVPC the Cadets sign to take responsibility for it whilst they are with the group. It is returned when the Cadet leaves.


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